Women’s Ways of Leading invites the reader into a journey of self-discovery informed by a fresh definition of leadership that transcends position, role and hierarchy and proposes leadership as reciprocal learning in purposeful communities. Lambert and Gardner argue convincingly that this century needs women leaders who commit to values, are conscious of their evolving selves, invoke passion and courage, arouse the imagination, create community and mentor the next generation. Read more

Mary GardnerLinda Lambert

About the Authors

For two decades, Linda Lambert and Mary Gardner have worked together as colleagues, friends and co-authors on two best-selling books on leadership, The Constructivist Leader (1995, 2002). They served in top-level leadership positions, engaged in research on women and leadership, consulted internationally, and mentored the next generation of women leaders. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

We were compelled to write this book. The voices of our moth­ers haunted us; our more than a century of lived experience informed us; our research left open no other door. So here we are, two women whose journeys have instilled us with passion, whose values have defined us, whose evolution bound us to this question. The questions before us are: What are women’s ways of leading? And why does that matter? It has been a journey of discovery. Read more

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